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Product Capabilities  


We offer various assembly services, like assembly of power supplies by connecting and assembling all preselected modules, but we also have experience with sub- assemblies and final assemblies in ESD protected environments.

Wire and cable harnesses

We cut, strip, crimp and fit connectors before we do kitting of the complete wiring and cabling of various products. Although we have industrial and medical customers, most customers we serve in this field are automotive related. A large variety of raw material is UL certified.

Carbon Brush Systems

These systems are designed for electric motors used in cars for wipers, windows and cooling fans for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) motors. Other markets include power tools and appliances. Also here we offer engineering support and co-design for our customers.

  • crimping
  • tinning
  • compacting
  • bending
  • cutting
  • welding
  • assembling
  • soldering
  • electrical testing
  • marking

Future market requirements we are continuously looking for people in all job areas with different backgrounds. If you are interested to work with us in Tolna, please contact us with your application either personally, via post or e-mail.


We are always seeking for new suppliers therefore and if you are interested to supply to us, please send your application onto the e-mail address hungary@fastrongroup.com