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FASTRON is proud to announce that testing and measuring have been finalized on the 1812CMF-101 model. The electrical results were above our expectations! This is FASTRON's first common mode chip inductor to pass the IEC 62228-3 standard tests. We are working hard to provide 4 more models at this high quality level!

FASTRON announces the newest and smallest plugable inductor series, the 05HCP and 05HCP/T.

From a compact size of 5.2mm (diameter) and 7.5mm (height) the 05HCP is available in 12 inductance values, from 6.8µH up to 1500µH. The rated DC current varies from 0.168A to 1.685A and the DC resistance from 0.07Ω to 6.62Ω. The operating temperature range, including component self-heating, is from -55°C to +125°C.

To support special isolation requirements, the 05HCP can be alternatively ordered with an encapsulation tube as 05HCP/T.

As with all FASTRON components, the 05HCP and 05HCP/T is compatible with lead-free solder and RoHS directive.

Packaging for this series is Tape & Reel only.

Some of the major applications for this series are in metering, LED drivers and lighting, appliances and white goods, motor drives, general purpose filtering or anywhere high currents are required.

Get the datasheet of 05HCP and 05HCP/T here.

FASTRON is proud to announce its new common mode chip inductor, the 1812CMF (4.7mm x 3.4mm x 2.8mm).

The new device consists of a ferrite core with 2 simultaneously wound copper wires. Even with a magnetically shielding top plate the 1812CMF has a maximum height of only 2.8mm.

The 1812CMF is available in 5 inductance values – 11µH, 22µH, 51µH, 100µH and 200µH with an impedance range between 600Ω up to 10000Ω, current range from 100mA to 250mA and low DCR range from 0.5Ω to 4.5Ω. Common for all 1812CMF is the minimum insulation resistance of 10mΩ and the rated voltage of maximum 50V.

The operating temperature range, including component self-heating is from -55°C to +150°C.

As with all FASTRON components, the 1812CMF is compatible with lead-free solders, RoHS directive and AEC-Q200 qualify.

Some of the major applications for the 1812CMF’s current inductance values include ETHERNET and CAN-Bus for automobile systems, E-bikes and other applications where 2 lines signal transmission is needed.

Get the datasheet of 1812CMF here.

Fastron is pleased to announce a franchise distribution agreement with NAC. NAC is a global electronic component design services & distribution company. Our rapidly growing linecard is being assembled to support the design needs of specific market segments including Mil-Aero, Industrial, Audio, Computing, Lighting, Medical, Telecom/Networking, Power, and Wireless. With resources that begin with Field Sales Engineers and extend to our Global Sales offices, NAC is building an infrastructure that ensures the highest level of service for our customers and authorized suppliers.

Visit www.nacsemi.com to find out more about the product offerings.

FASTRON create the new PISA series which consists of a special baseplate and bonding materials allowing the series to withstand higher thermal and mechanical shock as well as vibration resistance all combining for the PISA series to obtain the AEC-Q200 certification. The PISA family is a range of shielded, SMD power inductors which include 8 different component sizes on 4 different baseplates with integrated solder terminals and inductance values ranging from 1.0µH - 1500µH. With over 200 inductance values there is sure to be a solution for your next power management design !

The key-data of the new PISA parts are:
  • PISA2408: inductance up to 330µH, current up to 1.94A; size : 6.5mm x 6.1mm x 3.5mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2408.

  • PISA2416: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 2.40A; size : 6.5mm x 6.1mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2416.

  • PISA2812: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 3.50A; size : 7.5mm x 7.5mm x 3.6mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2812.

  • PISA2816: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 2.20A; size : 7.5mm x 7.5mm x 4.7mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2816.

  • PISA4119: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 8.80A; size :10.4mm x 10.4mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4119.

  • PISA4716: inductance up to 330µH, current up to 7.0A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4716.

  • PISA4720: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 8.0A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 6.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4720.

  • PISA4728: inductance up to 1500µH, current up to 9.8A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 8.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4728.

FASTRON is glad to announce our new sales partnership with TME Poland. TME is one of the leading catalogue distributors in Eastern Europe and growing rapidly also in Western Europe, serving engineers in the electronics industry and education institutes the highest level of customer service combined with the best quality of electronic components from top brands. FASTRON's inductors are now available from stock.

Visit www.tme.eu to find out more about the product offerings.

FASTRON has added a family of non-magnetic chip inductors to its product catalogue. Based on FASTRON’s standard chip inductors, the non-magnetic chokes are available in size 0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, 1210 and 1812. All non-magnetic models have the designation ASM (e.g. 0402ASM, 1210ASM…). The ASM-models are constructed using a ceramic core with non-magnetic alloy pad metallization, enameled copper wire and have an epoxy cap for automated production. The electrical values of the ASM-models are comparable to that of the standard (AS) models and the temperature range is -40°C to +150°C (including component self-heating).

Major applications for the ASM chip inductors are MRI and flow metering, but they can also be used in keyless entry, GPS, mobile phones and in all other applications of a wire wound RF inductor.

The ASM chip inductors are available in tape & reel only. For more detailed information, please refer on the datasheets.


FASTRON introduces the new 1210FTC – a wire wound transponder coil with a mini size (3.8mm x 3.0mm x 2.4 mm) and high quality of ferrite core use.

The 1210FTC offers an inductance range of 1mH to 1.29mH with high sensitivity of 10mV/µT to 12mV/µT. The DC resistance of the ferrite core chip inductor is depending on the inductance between 32Ω to 46.5Ω and the operating temperature is from -40°C to +85°C. The self-resonant frequency of the 1210FTC is approximately 1.7MHz.

Major applications for the 1210FTC are RFID, automotive, smart home and security applications.

The 1210FTC is available in tape & reel package with quantities of 800 (option -01) and 3000 (option -04) on a reel. As with all FASTRON components, the 1210FTC is suitable for lead-free soldering and is RoHS compliant.

Get the complete data sheet of 1210FTC here.

In addition to FASTRON’s standard leaded axial inductors the specialist adds a new ‘high voltage’ leaded axial inductor to the company’s product portfolio. Utilizing a special winding wire and a new coating, the choke can operate at voltage levels up to 400V and can withstand higher peak-voltage. Using a ferrite core the XHBHV choke offers inductance values from 100µH to 6800µH, ± 5% tolerance, maximum DCR from 0.22Ω to 14.16Ω, and current ratings (I1) from 0.22A to 1.76A.

The XHBHV inductors are a supplement to the standard leaded axial inductors for designs which are directly connected to the power line. Major applications for the XHBHV series are suppression of transients as well as EMC filtering in electrical motors and in switching power supplies used in home appliances, industrial, lighting, and automotive applications.

The operating temperature range, including self-heating, is from -55°C to +125°C. With a body length of 16mm and a diameter of 7.5mm the XHBHV is offered in tape & reel and taped ammopack.

As with all Fastron components, the XHBHV is suitable for lead-free soldering and is RoHS compliant.

Key specifications of the XHBHV:

L : 100µH to 6800µH
DCR : 0.22Ω to 14.16Ω
I1 : 0.22A to 1.76A
Voperating : ≤ 400V

FASTRON announces several models of SMD power inductors for high voltage applications!
The new HV-models are designed to resist operating voltages up to 400 Volt DC and have the ability to withstand much higher short term voltage spikes. Due to the low resistance, the choke provides minor self-heating and therefore adds minimal heat to your application.
The models, PISMHV, PISNHV and - brand new – PISPHV, share the same base-plate size of 9,55mm x 13,0mm. For higher current requirements FASTRON offers the PISTHV with a base size of 15,2mm x 18,7mm.
Similar to the standard (non HV) models the PISMHV, PISPHV, PISNHV and PISTHV series are applicable in high temperature environments and special applications where high resilience is necessary.

The key-data of the new HV parts are:
  • PISMHV: inductance up to 2.2mH, current up to 3.32A; height 5.35mm.
  • PISPHV: inductance up to 10mH, current up to 3.15A; height 8.0mm.
  • PISNHV: inductance up to 10mH, current up to 3.27A; height 11.5mm.
  • PISTHV: inductance up to 10mH, current up to 4.9A; height 12.0mm.

Main applications for the new HV inductors are power supplies, filters and noise suppression.

The components are suitable for lead-free soldering and as with all FASTRON components are RoHS conform.

Please find attached the datasheet of PISPHV

To increase the support for our customers in France we have opened a regional sales office based in Lyon/France. france@fastrongroup.com

FASTRON is now on the American market with a sales office in Columbus OHIO, to also provide technical support and solutions to our US customers.

FASTRON introduces the PIHV4119, a new high voltage SMD power inductor. Based on the successful PIS4119, FASTRON developed a compact 10 x 10mm unshielded inductor for applications up to 400VDC.
As well as its sister model the PIHV4119 provides a robust plastic moulded baseplate with integrated solder terminals. Lead free tinned terminals enable best reflow soldering results. Non-conducting ferrite cores as well as especially emailed copper wired coils provide the 400 VDC capability and enable the part to withstand much higher voltage peaks. For improved protection towards other parts nearby, an isolation tube is pulled over the drum core. Due to the low profile height of 5.2mm the inductor is suitable for many power management applications, either as a filter and suppression-choke or as energy store in a power management circuit. Due to its universal field of applications the part will fit into several markets, e.g. lighting, automotive, computer, medical, industrial, consumer, communication and surveillance.
The PIHV4119 is offered in 12 different inductance values from 15µH to 1000µH with IR max. up to 3A and DCR down to 0.085Ω. The operating temperature range is from -40°C up to +125°C.
The components are suitable for lead-free soldering and are RoHS conform.
For datasheets and samples please refer FASTRON’s website (www.fastrongroup.com) or contact your local distributor.

Key specifications:
L: 15µH…1000µH
SRF (typ.): 2.2MHz…17.3MHz
DCR (max.): 0.085Ω…4.450Ω
IR (max.) : 0.34A…3A

Inductor specialist FASTRON adds a series of full-ferrite-core wire-wound chip inductors in dimension 0402 to the company’s product portfolio. Compared with the very successful 0402AS series with ceramic core, the new 0402F with full ferrite core offer higher rated current values (IR) and lower DC resistance (DCR) compared to a 0402AS with identical inductance. The impedance of the 0402F is at lower level than with the 0402AS and at lower frequency while the coil Q-factor becomes slightly higher. Finally single layer winding up to an inductance of 180nH results in an excellent HF-performance of the 0402F.
The 0402F is a logical complement to the 0402AS both to be used in several high frequency applications. Due to improved performance regarding power losses the 0402F is a perfect part for resonant circuits. The major applications for the 0402F are oscillators, signal generators and RF filters mainly used in telecom- and wireless communication systems as well as in measurement-, automotive- and industrial systems.
The 0402F is available with inductance values from 20nH to 270nH. The operating temperature for the 0402F series is -40°C to +85°C. Both series, the 0402AS as well as the 0402F have a gold flash pad metallization for excellent solderability and an epoxy cap for automated pick and place. The components are suitable for lead-free soldering and are RoHS conform.
For datasheets and samples please refer FASTRON’s website (www.fastrongroup.com) or contact your local distributor.

Key specifications for 0402F:
L: 20nH .. 270nH
SRF (typ.): 880MHz .. 2580MHz
DCR: 0.04Ω .. 0.55Ω
DCI: 0.38A .. 1.6A

FASTRON just qualified a number of pluggable power inductors for automotive applications according to AEC-Q200 standard.
The 07HCP (High Current Pluggable) and 07HVP (High Voltage Pluggable) chokes as well as the 09HCP and 09HVP chokes are suitable for power applications and offer extended current capability (HCP, up to 10A) resp. extended voltage capability (HVP, up to 400VDC) compared with standard 07P- and 09P-models of power inductors. The parts are available with or without tube and have an operating temperature range from -55°C to +150°C (with tube up to 125°C). Due to the certification according to AEC-Q200 the 07HCP / 07HVP power inductors as well as the 09HCP / 09HVP power inductors are now suitable for most automotive applications (e.g. antenna, motor- and climate control, navigation and entertainment).
Of course all models are shock and vibration proof and RoHS conform and suitable for lead free soldering.
For datasheets and samples please refer FASTRONs’ website (http://www.fastrongroup.com) or contact your local distributor.

FASTRON takes over RAPID Biomedical

RAPID Biomedical, a medtech company based in Rimpar in the German state of Lower Franconia, changed ownership. The existing five partners sold the medium-sized company to a private entrepreneur who produces components for the electronic industry.

RAPID Biomedical was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of Wurzburg University by the former Chair of Biophysics, Dr. Axel Haase, and his wife Ulrike Haase, a legal expert. In 2003 RAPID Biomedical was joined by Physicists Dr. Titus Lanz, Dr. Florian Odoj and Dr. Alexander Weisser as acting partners. In 2006 RAPID MR International was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in order to serve customers of the US market.

RAPID develops and produces high frequency coils for Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT). The range of potential applications includes clinical as well as pre-clinical examination methods. RAPID Biomedical coils are being used in MRTs of all renowned MRT equipment manufacturers. Its unique expertise in the production of client oriented solutions made RAPID a partner of many research groups around the world. Thus, since the founding of RAPID, over 1.000 various products were being developed and built, a substancial part of which has been approved for medical purposes. Due to the long-term-experience and the multidude of assignments, RAPID Biomedical is able to cater to the most demanding customer requests.

Both companies, RAPID Biomedical Germany, and the US-affiliate RAPID MR International, were now sold to the FASTRON group. „It was time for a generation change“, says Ulrike Haase who worked for 17 years as CEO for RAPID Biomedical. „I am happy that RAPID Biomedical remains in private hands and still serves as regional employer at Rimpar near Wurzburg. I am also delighted about the concurrent takeover of RAPID MR International.“ She also emphasizes the fact that „FASTRON will offer valuable experience in a highly efficient manufacturing technology field, thus being able to serve RAPID's clients on an even more efficient level.“

FASTRON, with locations in Munich, Hungary and Malaysia, trusts in the creative expansion of their product range and is looking forward to multiple synergies due to the acquisiton of RAPID. FASTRON was founded in 1978 in Germany and Malaysia. Today FASTRON produces a broad range of inductors and coils for electronical uses, mainly for the automotive industry, high frequency and power supply industries as well as lighting and medical technologies. The company is run in second generation by Felix Faskerty out of Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. „RAPID Biomedical is an ideal addition to the FASTRON group. The outstanding expertise of RAPID in the field of high frequency coils promises a great potential for future developments“ say FASTRON Boss Felix Faskerty. He adds: „The location in Lower Franconia and the sales unit in the United States are perfectly situated.“

The new managing director will be the physicist and previous sales manager of RAPID Biomedical, Dr. Florian Odoj.

For further information please check our websites www.fastrongroup.com or www.rapidbiomed.de

The new PISP models from FASTRON are mid-size SMD power inductors positioned between the shorter PISM- and the higher PISN-models.

Like the very popular PISL-, PISM- and PISN-inductors the PISP parts use the similar baseplate of the dimension 13mm x 9.55mm and a core with a diameter of 8.5mm. The height of the PISP is 8 mm, which is in between the PISM (height 5.35mm) and the PISN (height 11.50mm). The PISP chokes are available with inductance values from 6.8µH to 10mH and offer a DC current (IΔT = 40°C) of up to 3.6A. Due to the high SRF of to 19 MHz and the very low DCR down to 18 mΩ, the PISP inductors fit very well in power supply applications and filter circuits. Of course the new chokes are suitable for lead-free soldering and are RoHS conform.

Get the complete data sheet here…

FASTRON is announceing several new models of SMD power-inductors for high voltage applications.
These new HV-models are designed to resist operating voltages up to 400 Volt DC and
have the ability to withstand much higher short term voltage peaks.
Due to the low resistance of copper wire coil, the choke provides minor self-heating and
therefore low heat increase in the application.
The models PISMHV and – brand new - the PISNHV share the same base-plate size of 9,35mm x 12,8mm.
For higher current requirements FASTRON offers the PISTHV which has a size of 15,2mm x 18,7mm.
Similar to the standard (non HV) models the PISMHV, PISNHV and the PISTHV are applicable in high temperature environments as well as in applications where special robustness is necessary.

The key-data of the new HV parts are:
PISMHV : inductance up to 2,2mH, current up to 3,5A; height 5,35mm
PISNHV : inductance up to 10mH, current up to 3,27A; height 11,5mm
PISTHV : inductance up to 10mH, current up to 4,9A; height 12mm.

Main applications for the new HV inductors are power supplies, filters and noise suppression.
The components are suitable for lead-free soldering and are RoHS conform.

Together with our employees we successfully donated food and essential items, valued MYR 3,000 for the thousands of flood victims throughout Malaysia. Thank you to everyone who was involved and made this a great success.

The proposed PDN of our PISG is being revoked, since we had too many
customers who were unsatisfied with this decision and convinced us
otherwise. Therefore, we reversed our plan to discontinue and we will
continue producing our PISG series indefinitely.

For the latest data sheet please click here.

FASTRON adds to the existing radial 09HCP High Current Power Inductor Family, a High Volt version called 09HVP with equal dimensions. With this new series we could improve the Inductor performance to suit modern Power Converter Topologies.
The new 09HVP is designed for higher voltages and voltage peaks up to 400Volt DC.
14 inductance values from 82µH to 1000µH provide typical low coil resistance for reduced heat and high currents. This version is also available  with an insulation tube for additional protection to nearby other components.

Get the complete data sheet here…

FASTRON presents a new high-Volt Version from the existing and popular SMD-Power Inductor Models PISM and PIST in the same size. Both, the new PISM HV and PIST HV are designed for higher voltages and voltage peaks up to 400Volt DC for modern Power Converter Topologies.
Low coil resistance allows for high currents in typical Power Applications.
PISM HV : L-Range from 10µH to 2200µH, Current up to 3.5A
PIST HV  : L-Range from 15µH to 10mH, Current up to 4.9A

Get the Data sheet PISM HV here…
Get the Data sheet PIST HV here…

FASTRON has designed a new mid-size 10x10mm shielded Power Inductor Series.
The Inductor PIS4119 provides a robust plastic moulded baseplate with integrated solder terminals.
Leadfree tinned terminals guarantee for best reflow soldering results. Component low profile hight of 5.2mm max is suitable for applications in industrial, portable device, storage, suppression and power.
There are 19 L-values from 1µH to 1000µH with lowest resistance and currents up to 8.8A available. The Part is of course ROHS conform.

Get the complete data sheet PIS4119 here… .

We are introducing 8 icons, displayed on the datasheet next to the product code, each visually highlighting a different technical specialty about the product's key characteristics. They are meant for you, to more easily identify the most suitable products. Read about them here...

Approved according to AEC-Q200
Suitable for temperatures up to 150°C (including component self-heating)
Part is RoHS conform and Halogen free
Mechanical shock and vibration proof
Designed for High Q-values
Exceptionally High Q-values
Developed for Currents up to 10 Amps
Developed for Voltages up to 400 Volt DC

In addition to the existing 242408FPS models, we extended the range with the all new 242418FPS model. This model too, is designed with a high flux density core and magnetically shielded with epoxy resin. These Power Inductors are lead free, ROHS compliant and halogen free as well. The 242418FPS inductance range has been widen and ranges now from 1µH to 220µH. This inductor is specially designed for high power applications and shows an additional 60% increase in power performance. Take a look at the complete datasheet here...

Our new 07HVP (High Voltage Power inductor) range of radial through-hole inductors, also using a high saturation ferrite core material, similar to our 07HCP model, and wound with a special insulated copper wire, is designed for High Voltage applications of up to 400V DC. Take a look at the complete datasheet here...

We have taken our 4408 platform to design our latest 4408AQ model giving you almost double the Q-values compared to the existing 4408AF transponder coil. This new transponder coil 4408AQ also has improvements in sensitivity levels of up to 267mV/µT and on average a 7 Ohms lower DCR. So if our existing 4408AF model doesn't meet your Q expectations or sensitivity level, then try our new 4408AQ design. Check here for the datasheet.

Coming fast, our next standard enclosure is here! Just a few months after bringing our first standard aluminum enclosure successfully onto the distribution market, we present the new standard DIN Rail enclosure FHG214! It is also made from steel and aluminum, with great EMC shielding characteristics and designed for power supply, routing or switching circuits to be conveniently and safely mounted on standard DIN Rails, mainly within cabinets and 19" racks. Click the below link to check the datasheet for more product information and dimensions.
Datasheet in English
Datasheet in German

FASTRON is launching a standard sheet metal enclosure design. This high-end aluminum enclosure comes in four different lengths while the height and depth remain the same. For many years, FASTRON has been a leading supplier for customized sheet metal housings in the European Electronics Industry. We recently decided to also offer standard versions available through our global distribution network. Click here to check the complete data sheet.

Here we are with our 2nd Web Tool, the Lowest DCR Finder! Enter the L-value you are planning to use and we will list our inductors according to the lowest DCR values. With those suggestions, you can then choose the most suitable component size and design for your circuit. It's that simple!

We congratulate our winners of the 2012 Electronica Tombola and thank you for a successful exhibition...

Braun Shaver   : Marko Zivkovic (Bosch) and Matthias Werb (Brose)
Amazon Kindle : Ferderic Faillet (Euromip) and Alexander Knospe (Leoni)
Necklace           : Niels Graversen (Nilfisk) and Boris Langer (Liebherr)

We can do better than our 09P plugable inductor. With our new 09HCP we have much improved the electrical performance for one of our most popular and long lasting leaded power inductors series 09P. We managed to lower the average DCR by 126% while achieving an average of 60% increase in saturation current (Isat). All that goodness comes in the 09HCP design with almost the same dimensions of the traditional 09P. Take a look at the complete datasheet here...

In addition to our 1212FPS Chip Inductor, we are marketing another two sizes, the 1616FPS and 242408FPS. Both are also designed with a high flux density ferrite core. The 1616FPS inductance ranges from 0.82µH to 220µH and for the 242408FPS from 0.5µH to 47µH. These two inductors can withstand high currents relative to their small size. They are magnetically shielded with a newly developed epoxy resin. These inductors are RoHS compliant and halogen free.Check out their complete datasheets here and try some samples

FASTRON launches its first webtool, the Highest Q Finder, designed for our RF inductors. Engineers can now find inductors ranked according to their Q-value by entering any L-value and the frequency they want it to be measured at. You can then choose the right component design, features and size to fit your circuit. Click here to try it now...

Another new product from FASTRON for RFiD applications. Our new Z-Axis Transponder Coil, called ZASL, comes with the sensitivity levels as high as 67 mV/uT and a lower DCR when compared to competitor specs. The component is very robust built on a plastic resin base with a total height of only 3.6mm max. Most popular L-values such as 2.38, 4.9 and 7.2 mH are included in the range. Request some samples...

Take a look at our latest 0603AQ wire wound chip inductor featuring

remarkable Q-values of up to 55 (min), measured at 500MHz, for such a

small case size. This series is most suitable for high frequency

applications (> 1GHz) and comes with gold terminals for best lead free

soldering, just like all our other chip inductors. Most of the standard

inductance tolerance is 5% and a tighter tolerance of 2% is available on

request. Click here to view the full range of 0603AQ.

Our Evergreen 11P plugable inductor steps up to challenge higher currents. The new 11PHC has evolved from our 11P range, designed to withstand higher currents. While external dimensions remain the same, the new ferrite material can allow applied currents be on average 100% higher. The L-values range from 0.01mH to 47mH, measured at 0.02 MHz frequency, with a standard tolerance of 10%. Click here to view the full range of 11PHC.

We would like to inform all of our customers that our supply chain for raw materials and  end-products has not been interrupted by the current flooding in Thailand. Should the situation change in a negative way, we will inform you instantly.

We are introducing our new 1212 (3x3mm) foot print Chip Inductors designed with a high flux density ferrite core. The max height is only 1.5mm with a flat top surface for SMT assembly. The inductance range is from 1uH to 100 uH. Rated currents of up to 2.1A. The 1212FPS is magnetically shielded with a newly developed epoxy resin. This inductor is RoHS compliant and one reel contains 2,000 pieces.

Click here to view the full range.

The famous MESC series is one of FASTRON's long lasting and most popular suppression coils. Due to changing PCB assembly methods from through hole to surface mount, we have adopted our traditional MESC model to anticipate this trend. The newly developed SMD version is called MESC in SMD which can be SMT assembled. However, the leaded MESC type will remain within our offering range due to high demand.

Click here to view the full range.

The partnership between EVE and FASTRON has recently been strengthened by adding many new product lines such as our famous chip inductor sizes 0603AS, 0805AS and 1206AS. Others include the new PIST power inductor and leaded inductors like our popular HBCC and 77A models. All of these parts are stocked at EVE and can be dispatched on day of ordering.

You can buy FASTRON products online at www.eveone.de

After thoroughly analyzing our supply chain for raw materials from Japan

(which are only a few) we can inform our customers that we do not expect

any shortages or delays. Our deliveries to you are not affected by the

on-going crisis situation in Japan.


We would like to inform our customers that FASTRON does not have any

manufacturing plants in Japan. In addition, we have checked with our raw

material suppliers from Japan and fortunately their production has not

been affected by the recent earthquake and tsumani. However, we are not

certain if any suppliers further down the supply chain have been hit. We

have made the necessary arrangements to keep sufficient stock of raw

materials. Currently, we do not expect any delays for our confirmed deliveries.

For full description click here

To eliminate glue used for fixing cap and replaced for 09P/F series .
For full description click here

FASTRON is extending their HCCC inductor line with 13 additional L-value models. This product range has been fine tuned to suit electronic ballasts for all kinds of lighting applications, including LED driver circuits, high pressure gas discharge lamps, Xenon and Krypton luminaries. This HCCC series expansion gives the customer an energy efficient and cost effective inductor solution. In addition, FASTRON's ferrite and iron-powder cores typically have low resistance levels, resulting in extremely low heat emissions.

Click here to view the full range.

FASTRON is pleased to present our new family of standard rod core chokes. Having had much experience for customized rod core chokes used in the automotive industry and for suppression in electronic motors, we have decided to offer a standard range suitable for many general applications where noise suppression is necessary.

FASTRON has launched its Distributor Stock Check on our website. This enables you to find our parts stocked by our distributors anytime from anywhere in the world. Get FASTRON parts fast and easy. Hassle free sourcing and regular updated availability with a few mouse clicks. Give it a try!

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that due to a technical problem on our website, we failed to receive all submissions for "free samples" in the duration from 18.Jul till 23.Nov 2009. If you did not receive a reply from us within one week, then kindly re-submit your online sample request, as yours may have been lost in transition. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

Dear Customers,

Due to the low Q performance of our 1206FTC, this series will be discontinued with immediate effect. All 1206FTC L-values previously available, will be replaced with our high performing and popular 1812AFTC, which provides much better electrical characteristics. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Regards, Your FASTRON Sales Team

FASTRON is launching the PIST series power inductor designed to handle high currents while reaching high inductance values at the same time. The inductance ranges from 0.015mH to 10.00mH. Saturation rating can reach up to 9A. In addition, these special electrical performances come in a small SMD case size with only 12mm in height. The part is RoHS conform and is suitable for reflow and lead-free soldering. Click here to find out more about the PIST.

FASTRON is pleased to announce that we have recently signed a distribution agreement with CPC based in the UK. This new partnership enables CPC to stock and sell FASTRON products. CPC was established in 1967 and is one of the most respected catalogue distributors for electronics and components in the UK. CPC?s primary aim is to provide customers with an outstanding product range combined with exceptional value for money - all delivered by a reliable, efficient and friendly service. CPC stocks over 100,000 products from over 1,200 leading manufacturers.
Click on http://cpc.farnell.com to find out more about all the FASTRON products offered.

FASTRON has started a new partnership with Distributor Ineltro for the Austrian market. This enables Ineltro to stock and distribute all FASTRON products to a wide rage of customers in Austria. Ineltro was founded in 1968 and is currently the 3rd largest electronic component distributor in Austria offering active, passive as well as electromechanical components. The company is based in Vienna and ISO 9002 certified. For more information on Ineltro click on their website www.ineltro.at .

FASTRON has added new products such as the 0603 case sized chip inductor with a ferrite core to reach for higher inductance values in a very small package. Also featured in the new catalogue are three new transponder coils to cater for RFMD applications and low frequency wireless market needs. If you are looking for a leaded power choke (radial) able to handle high currents up to 7.5 Amps, then you should have a closer look at our new 07 HCP product on page 53. Further additions to our product range include SMD beads on page 57 of our 2009 catalogue.

We are located in Hall B5 at Booth # 300.

Need a high inductance value inductor in a small SMD package and RoHS compliant? Then try our new 0603F sized ferrite chip inductor available in 15 different L-values from 47nH to 820nH. Standard tolerance comes in 10% and a tighter tolerance is offered at 5% on request. The ferrite construction enables higher current carrying capacity while maintaining the lowest DCR in a 0603 size. Click here to find out more about the 0603F.

FASTRON is glad to publicize our new sales partnership with Distrelec in Europe and Schuricht in Germany. The Schuricht Distrelec GmbH is one of the leading catalog distributors in Europe serving engineers in the industry and education institutes the highest level of customer service combined with the best quality of electronic components from top brands. FASTRON?S inductors (currently 5 product lines) are already available from stock and will be featured in their 2008 catalog. Visit www.distrelec.com to find out more about the product offerings.

Discover our new range of radial through-hole inductors handling high currents up to 7.5 amps at a low DCR of 0.006 (Ω) using a high saturation ferrite core material. Click here to find out more about the 07HCP.

These new cost effective SMD Beads from FASTRON have great EMI shielding properties. They are also useful for tuning and EMI filtering featuring low impedance characteristics. Further, they have a high resistance to heat and humidity. Both, reflow and wave soldering technologies can be used. The maximum current rating for these beads is 3 amps. Click here to find out more about the SMD Beads.

FASTRON are pleased to announce the recent signing of a franchised distribution agreement with Anglia in the UK. Anglia are widely recognised as one of the UK's leading suppliers of electronic components, with an experienced team of 220 staff, supporting OEM and EMS companies in every sector of electronics manufacturing. Anglia suppliers include some of the worlds leading electronic components brand which allows them to hold stocks for over 700 million components from 412,000 product lines available in the UK. Technically adept, Anglia?s technical support spans from a simple sampling service through to a complete value added electronics design. Commenting on the agreement, Martin Hodges, FASTRON's Head of Global Sales said, ?We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Anglia as it provides both companies with a great opportunity to expand their business platforms within the UK market. Visit www.anglia.com/fastron to find out more about the product offerings.

RAPID ELECTRONICS, one of the UK?s leading catalogue distributors has seen its business grow from strength to strength and now offers over 50,000 products focusing in all areas of electronics, engineering and manufacturing. FASTRON has secured a new supply chain for the UK market through a partnership with Rapid Electronics Ltd. This new agreement will enable the supply of low volume orders and sample quantities to a wide range of customers. Visit www.rapidonline.com/Fastron to find out more about the product offerings.

 "We prefer Fastron's wire wound inductors over others. Other wire wounds take more time...they have to be tinned with a flux process before we can solder them to the circuit. Not Fastron's." a Senior Engineering Technician, Telecom manufacturer

The Fastron suppression coil (also known as an EMI filter (MESC-150M)) was used in an ignition circuit for the CUSat's pulsed plasma thrusters, and, according to one of the student engineers, Andrew Godbehere, "They worked wonderfully!" He continued, "We got a very impressive response time out of them, allowing the output of our circuit to achieve a dV/dt of almost 3kV/us. Thank you for your support." The prize? A NASA launch, worth millions of dollars, of their twin monitoring satellites.  Read more in Cornell Chronicle.

Visit us at the MTTS in San Francisco during June. We will be at Booth 2407 and look forward to meeting you.

On 16.March.06 Bavaria's First Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Spitzner, related Officials and the German Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Jess paid a visit to our plant in Penang. Our prestigious guests were greeted by the Top Management followed by a presentation of the company's history and the today's situation. After that, everyone was keen to start a short plant tour which all participants found very interesting. Especially fascinating to all visitors were our in-house developed automated winding technologies. All Fastron employees were excited on this day and felt very privileged to host such important personalities on our premises. Our Visitors were highly impressed with our products and production. It was our pleasure to have them here.

New SMD Power Inductor Series Shielded Version PIS2816/ PIS4720/ PIS4728

FASTRON was certified ISO/TS 16949 by SIRIM on 30 Sep 2005! View Certificate

FASTRON is presenting the new complete Data Product Catalog including 13 new products. Get your own copy now by filling in the online request form.

This is a great opportunity for all engineers. With our new online ordering system you can get samples fast and easy 24 hours a day. The best thing is, that they are free of charge. Order your samples by simply clicking "Get Sample" in the last colum of the particular product data sheet. Later when you have selected all samples you need, then view "Your Cart" to clarify quantities and the shipping details.

FASTRON is presenting the new Short Form Catalog including 13 new products. Get your own copy now by filling in the online request form.

This FASTRON component is a special design. It is a Leaded Antenna Coil and reaches up to 426uH. With this construction it can be used as a receiver! Automative applications include Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).Another special design component from FASTRON. This is a SMD Antenna Coil and reaches up to 10mH. With this construction it can be used as a receiver! Automative applications include Key-Less Entry.

FASTRON has completed TS 16949 Compliance Audit by SIRIM with recommendation for certification.