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Strip Wound Cut Cores  

Applicable standards:
DIN 41.309/1, IEC 329

Material: cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel VM 97-30 DIN 46.400 (M5T; ORSI 97-30). The maximum gap of the cut at surface quality "A" is 30 µm. Quality "C" means finished Surface: 5 µm.
Marking: quality "A" one red spot,
             quality "C" two red spots.
Megnetical guarantee
(at 50 Hz 1,7 T): 
at quality "A": 2,0 W/kg 
at quality "C": 1,8 W/kg 
In the chart below we show the geometrical dimensions of "C"-cores and give your assistance to 50 Hz transformer application. 

The transformers type SM,SG and SE are made of two pairs of cores, type SU needs only one pair of cores.