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Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores  

The toroidal iron core in view of his magnetic characteristic is an ideal core shape. It has a closed magnetic circuit, so there is no reduction of magnetic flux (the same magnetic flux density is to achieve with smaller field strength). There is no flux leakage, therefore parts sensitive to magnetic field can not be influenced.
Material: Cold rolled, grain oriented electrical steel 
              VM 97-30 (M5T; FeM 97-30; ORSI 97-30)
The dimensions of cores available are various, the minimum inside diameter is d2 ³ 20 mm, the maximum outside diameter is d1 £ 400 mm, the strip width is from 10 mm to 100 mm.
Beside of the normal design toroidal cores can be ordered with edges chamferred, painted black, bounded, bonded and cut or a combination of the afore said.

The guaranteed electrical values of the table below apply to non-sheared toroidal strip wound cores.

We supply also other dimensions. Please, send your specified inquires.