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FREE SHIPPING for SAMPLES from 1st September 2019 to 31st December 2019

Free Samples  

FASTRON welcomes your requests for free samples and inquiries about Engineer's Kits for purchase.

Free Samples (including shipping from 1st September 2019 to 31st December 2019) are simple:

  • Choose a Product Family from the top right drop down list of Product Range (Example: 603AS).
  • Find your desired inductance value (Example 2.2 nH is 0603AS-2N2X-01).
  • Click Get Sample at the right of the row.
  • Repeat for other samples you might need!.
  • When ready to check out, Click View Your Cart.
  • Choose the tolerance and quantity.
  • Complete the form and Submit.
  • We will confirm your sample request and send you a tracking number when it ships!.