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Mar-20181812CMF - FASTRON's new Common Mode Filter Chip Inductor
FASTRON is proud to announce its new common mode chip inductor, the 1812CMF (4.7mm x 3.4mm x 2.8mm).

The new device consists of a ferrite core with 2 simultaneously wound copper wires. Even with a magnetically shielding top plate the 1812CMF has a maximum height of only 2.8mm.

The 1812CMF is available in 5 inductance values – 11µH, 22µH, 51µH, 100µH and 200µH with an impedance range between 600Ω up to 10000Ω, current range from 100mA to 250mA and low DCR range from 0.5Ω to 4.5Ω. Common for all 1812CMF is the minimum insulation resistance of 10mΩ and the rated voltage of maximum 50V.

The operating temperature range, including component self-heating is from -55°C to +150°C.

As with all FASTRON components, the 1812CMF is compatible with lead-free solders, RoHS directive and AEC-Q200 qualify.

Some of the major applications for the 1812CMF’s current inductance values include ETHERNET and CAN-Bus for automobile systems, E-bikes and other applications where 2 lines signal transmission is needed.

Get the datasheet of 1812CMF here.
Mar-2018New distribution agreement with NAC

Fastron is pleased to announce a franchise distribution agreement with NAC. NAC is a global electronic component design services & distribution company. Our rapidly growing linecard is being assembled to support the design needs of specific market segments including Mil-Aero, Industrial, Audio, Computing, Lighting, Medical, Telecom/Networking, Power, and Wireless. With resources that begin with Field Sales Engineers and extend to our Global Sales offices, NAC is building an infrastructure that ensures the highest level of service for our customers and authorized suppliers.

Visit to find out more about the product offerings.

Mar-2018New Shielded SMD Power Inductor Series by FASTRON

FASTRON create the new PISA series which consists of a special baseplate and bonding materials allowing the series to withstand higher thermal and mechanical shock as well as vibration resistance all combining for the PISA series to obtain the AEC-Q200 certification. The PISA family is a range of shielded, SMD power inductors which include 8 different component sizes on 4 different baseplates with integrated solder terminals and inductance values ranging from 1.0µH - 1500µH. With over 200 inductance values there is sure to be a solution for your next power management design !

The key-data of the new PISA parts are:
  • PISA2408: inductance up to 330µH, current up to 1.94A; size : 6.5mm x 6.1mm x 3.5mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2408.

  • PISA2416: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 2.40A; size : 6.5mm x 6.1mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2416.

  • PISA2812: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 3.50A; size : 7.5mm x 7.5mm x 3.6mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2812.

  • PISA2816: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 2.20A; size : 7.5mm x 7.5mm x 4.7mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA2816.

  • PISA4119: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 8.80A; size :10.4mm x 10.4mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4119.

  • PISA4716: inductance up to 330µH, current up to 7.0A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 5.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4716.

  • PISA4720: inductance up to 1000µH, current up to 8.0A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 6.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4720.

  • PISA4728: inductance up to 1500µH, current up to 9.8A; size : 12.3mm x 12.3mm x 8.2mm.
    Get the datasheet of PISA4728.